AT&T Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN)

Wireless WAN connectivity can help businesses stay connected, reduce installation intervals and enable data transmission and transaction processing from almost anywhere the business takes you. It can be used for primary connectivity for lower bandwidth applications or in situations where wired networks are unavailable, or used for as a failover solution. Choose from flexible pricing options with the ability to pool data usage across devices/sites/applications.

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Primary Connectivity

Make Wireless Wide Area Network your primary network when a mobile solution is ideal, such as remote or temporary locations or out of footprint areas. It provides enterprise-grade security, reliable connectivity and quick to deploy timeframes making it ideal for applications in almost any industry including mobile POS, kiosks, smart meters, ATMs, digital signage and more.

Backup Connectivity

When a service outage occurs, AT&T's failover Wireless WAN (WWAN) solution automatically and seamlessly switches over to a wireless 4G LTE broadband connection so that operations can continue to run smoothly at broadband speeds. When an internet interruption occurs, the router automatically fails over to a mobile connection over the public internet to avoid service disruptions.

Always Available and Flexible

Quickly connect nearly anywhere and anytime via the AT&T network. Wireless WAN is available in locations where wireline services are typically unavailable such as construction sites and vehicle tracking. In addition, Wireless WAN is flexible and portable and can be used in applications such as first response (police, fire, ambulance), healthcare and utilities.

Professional Services

AT&T offers a comprehensive suite of professional services to deliver fully managed Wireless WAN solutions including procurement of routers, site survey, installation and network management.