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Keep your business connected with high-speed, high-quality Internet connectivity from AT&T

When it comes to business, speed matters! Why settle when you can receive high-speed, high-quality and scalable Internet access from one of the world's leading service providers. Choose from several speeds and access types to customize a solution that best fits your business needs and budget.

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High-speed, high-quality Internet for your business

AT&T Internet Access (AIA) uses AT&T's IP-based network to provide the reliability, scalability and performance to support your growing business at a fraction of the cost of T1-based access.


Stream audio and video, transfer large amounts of data, and provide access to remote workers. Whatever the task may be, AT&T delivers an 'always on' connection.

National footprint riding the AT&T IP backbone

Internet access through AT&T IP and AT&T provided CPE connectivity

Dedicated 24x7x365 customer service

Security for the highest levels of authentication and data encryption

Speeds up to 45 Mbps

Static and dynamic IP options are available

All modems and routers enabled with Wi-Fi

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High speed Internet with end-to-end management

With AT&T Managed Internet Service (MIS) you get high-speed, dedicated Internet access so you can stay connected while receiving optimal performance and reliability.

Backed by industry-leading Service Level Agreements - service availability of
  100%, data delivery of 99.95%, and round-trip latency of 37ms (U.S. domestic)
24x7x365 technical support and proactive monitoring assures continuous
  end-to-end availability with a 24x7x365 maintenance option
Options such as VoIP and Managed Security Services available
Access Speeds from T1 - 100 Mbps utilizing Ethernet and Private Line
AT&T provided and managed equipment (router, modem and CSU/DSU) with
  installation options
40GB national IP backbone with highly redundant network switches and nodes for
  unparalleled reliability


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Fast and reliable, cost-effective connectivity

AT&T MPLS Private Network Transport (PNT) offers a flexible path to migrate from legacy data networks to a high performing, scalable IP-based network without sacrificing all of the security traditionally found in dedicated private networks. PNT is a network-based IP VPN solution over the AT&T IP Network utilizing Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and integrates voice, data and video networks to a single IP-based network.


Supports either your existing private or public LAN addressing

Static and Border Gateway (BGP) routing protocol options

AT&T provided router and customer provided router options

MPLS inherent security

Configurable classes of service

Service Level Agreements

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Performance at an affordable price

AT&T's Switched Ethernet Service provides a cost-effective, flexible and reliable solution to meet your demanding business needs. Connect customers, workers and offices together in a single virtual LAN, or enable virtual private lines from remote locations. Your network is managed closely to help peak performance for your most vital and delay-sensitive applications.

Choice of fiber optic or copper technology
Speed, performance, and security are backed by Service Level Agreements
Simplified network architecture allows you to run multiple applications on a
  single network
Supports application performance with transport speeds from 5 Mbps to 1 Gbps
  for point to point configurations, and up to 10 Gbps at any hub


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Secure, scalable connectivity

AT&T Virtual Private Network (AVPN) is a network-based IP VPN solution that offers the features and flexibility to run your business effectively. Achieve convergence, integrate and prioritize disparate networks – voice, video and data – through one Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) IP network.

MPLS inherent security

Network-based security, enhanced redundancy and disaster recovery

Wireless connectivity
Variety of access options

Multiple VPNs on a single connection

Traffic prioritization using class of service, Service Level Agreements

Access to your network anytime, anywhere

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